Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wow, 10000 views! I just want to thank you!

How To Update ProTube Layout When It Is Still The Old Layout

If the layout in ProTube is white, which is the old YouTube layout, then go to Settings app -> Safari and clear cache and cookies. Then the layout will be the new black layout and you will be able to save videos!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ProTube - How Apple's YouTube app really should be

I just submitted ProTube to BigBoss. ProTube is a complete YouTube application for iPhone and iPod touch. An iPad Version will follow. It will be available on Cydia within the next 2 days. It costs $1.49, as it was a lot of work! Here is the full description: 
ProTube - How Apple's YouTube app really should be. ProTube is a complete YouTube application with tons of advantages over Apple's YouTube app. In ProTube you can browse normally through YouTube, watch videos in HD or SD, manage your account, comment etc. Also you can download an unlimited amount of YouTube videos and watch them offline. Just the mp3 audio can be downloaded too, so you can listen to songs whenever you want. Downloaded files are displayed in a beautiful interface showing size, date length and a thumbnail. Saved videos/mp3's can be renamed, deleted and sent by email. Downloading video/audio shows progress, speed and remaining time. ProTube blocks annoying ads which makes loading even faster. Simultaneous downloads are supported limitless. AirPlay is supported so you can stream video to your TV. Full Portrait and Landscape orientation support.
Here is a demo/instructional video of it:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

WeeSearch Pro is out!

WeeSearch Pro is now available to purchase on Cydia for 1.49$. It is the pro version of my free and discontinued widget WeeSearch, and has tons of additional features. Download it now

WeeSearch Pro lets you search the web directly from NotificationCenter. You can use the search feature of ANY website directly from NotificationCenter. It comes with 10 sites to choose from and you can even add your own search engines! WeeSearch Pro is fully customizable. The segment bar lets you swap from one site to another quickly and it is customizable in number and order of sites! You can also set your language for websites. Another big feature is that you can choose whether the search results should be displayed in Safari, or in a mini browser that is part of the widget. The last big feature is the ability to set the widget into slim mode, where it takes up just a tiny space! Share this+follow me on twitter and donate if you like it!
    Feature recap:
  • Most popular search engines + custom search engines
  • Segment bar customization
  • Language and TLD
  • Safari or Mini browser
  • Clear text field when search ing
  • Slim View or Normal View
  • + much more!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alpha release: WeeKillBackground v1.0

First public alpha release after 5 beta versions. It now is quite a lot faster and now also removes the apps from the app switcher! Get it for free from Cydia! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WeeKillBackground v.0.0.5 released

The fifth version of my popular widget/tweak for iOS 5 has been released. I now is fully functional, and has (almost) no bugs left. It has extremely high download stats for the fact that iOS 5 is so new and that the Jailbreak is still tethered. It is available for free at the bigboss repo! Go and Get it! Here is the description:

Kill all running apps from Notification Center. A single tap kills all running apps, saving battery life and RAM. This widget will speed up for Device!

Download Stats:

Saturday, October 22, 2011


The current Version of WeeKillBackground seems to be broken. I submitted a (fixed) update, it should be up soon!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

First App Store App: Canada Taxes & Tip Calculator

My First ever App is now available on the App Store for FREE!! As said in the Title it is a Taxes and Tip Calculator for Canada. 
View in App Store
Here is the App description as in the App Store:

This app calculates taxes and optionally tip for anything you want to purchase in Canada. Every province has a different tax rate, and final prices can be a lot higher that the listed prices. To avoid big surprises and empty wallets, you can easily calculate the final price of a product or a meal that you want to purchase. Canada Taxes & Tip Calculator makes this very easy, by providing a very friendly user interface and a fast accessibility, so that you dont lose any time!

The app has many features including:
✔ Tax calculation
✔ Tip calculation
✔ Possibility to set own tip percentage
✔ Multitasking support
✔ Retina display support
✔ iPad support
✔ Custom keyboard for extremely fast and easy usage.
✔ Get more features by upgrading to the pro version, more information is below.

Why should you download THIS app and not any other tax app?
• It's free.
• It is ALWAYS up to date. As soon as the tax rate changes in a province the app will be updated!
• Most friendly user interface. This app is the easyest to use and best looking tax app available!
• Most features. This app has by far the most features, including optional tip calculation, advanced currency conversion, custom tax-keyboard, quick calculation bar for super fast calculatuions and more.
• Always new content.we are testing the app in real life and we always find ways to make it better; there are constatntly big updates coming that will give you many additional features!


Additional features of the Pro Version:
✔ Quick calculation bar
✔ Currency conversion with frequently updated exchange rates
✔ Calculation for every province in Canada
✔ No Ads!

Calculation window features:
๏ Entered subtotal
๏ Amount of taxes that gets added to the subtotal
๏ Total price with taxes
๏ Tax percentage
๏ Tip percentage
๏ Amount of tip that gets added to the subtotal+taxes
๏ Total price with taxes and tip
๏ And even more!

Supports the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Minimum OS: iOS 4.0
And Screenshots:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Theme: iOS 5 SBSettings

New Theme! This is my favorite of all of my Themes so far. It comes with over 55 toggles, and has an iOS 5 look. I got inspired by the new Notification Center in iOS 5 and with this Theme your SBSettings window will look like a pre installed feature by apple, no matter what version of iOS you have! The theme is available at Cydia for 0.99$ and also contains blank PSD files. Jump to theme is Cydia
Here are some Screenshots:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Update: A iOS Style SBSettings!

Just as promised the update of A iOS Style SBSettings is there, both the Lite and Full Versions are Updated, and the Green version in a few days. Changes in the new version:

- Added Razorblade effect on the inside of the circle!
- Added Push Mail Toggle Icons (Only full Version)
- Other improvements


Sunday, June 26, 2011

A iOS Style SBSettings Theme (Lite): 100000 Downloads reached!

My first ever Theme, A iOS Style SBSettings Theme (Lite) has just reached 100000 downloads! Thank you for your support! I will bring a big update  for Both the free and paid Version as soon as possible! The current number of download is: Downloads. This number is updated frequently .

Monday, May 23, 2011

Default HD SBSettings Complete is now available!

the full Version of Default HD SBSettings is now available! It comes with over 55 toggles! It is available to buy at Cydia for 0.99$.
Here are some screenshots:


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A iOS Style SBSettings Green and Default HD SBSettings are Now Available!

New Themes!
A second Version of A iOS Style SBSettings is now available, it has green color for toggles that are on instead of blue. Its available at Cydia for 0.99$

Second Theme is the Default SBSettings Theme, buzt optimized for Retina Display. It will become a standard SBSettings Theme soon! The Full Version with over 55 toggles is coming soon! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

1000 Views on my blog!

Wejust hit 1000 Views! Thanks to all of you for your support! To keep on supporting me, please follow my blog or follow it by email if you don't have a google or gmail account.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Simple iOS SBSettings is now available!

The full Version of A Simple iOS SBSettings is now available!

It comes with over 30 toggles, and there will be an update before wednesday, adding another 25 toggles to it.

The Theme is kept simple and it perfectly matches to the iOS look. It has the of/on sliders known from the
The Theme contains a HD and a SD Version, you can pick it up for 0.99$ at the Cydia store (to find it you should update you packages, it has just come out!)

Here are some screenshots:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A iOS Style SBSettings Theme is Now Available!

The Full Version of my Very popular SBSettings Theme has just come out. It is availabe in Cydia for just 0.99$.
Here are some screenshots:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"The Minimalist HD" Complete Winterboard Theme Now Available!

My New Complete Theme called The Minimalist HD hast been released! Its available in Cydia for just 0.99$!

And here are some Screenshots:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Complete Springboard Theme soon available!

I am working on a Complete HD Theme for iOS, im still at the very beginning of the designing process but i hope that ill be ready in about 1 month. Heres a screenshot: 

It is still the very first beta Version and not many icons are designed so far, but i am working on it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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iClassic iPod Classic HD Theme now available!

My new iClassic iPod Classic HD Theme will be available soon on Cydia! Its the first complete HD iClassic Theme!

It is FREE from Cydia, get it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Installation error on "A iOS Style SBSettings Theme Lite" V 2.0

There has been an error made by mmi. The package gets installed into the wrong folder AGAIN, like in Version 1.0. I hope there will be a 2.0-1 soon. I apologize again but i cant do anything against it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Please watch these Videos about some awesome iOS apps. Its made with the Cydia app called Displayrecorder:


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Under Construction

Helllo everyone!
I am currently working on my blog, so that you can ask me questions easier, and you can get more Information about my projects and Apps. I will also post download links for beta Versions of new apps or Themes!