Saturday, November 12, 2011

WeeSearch Pro is out!

WeeSearch Pro is now available to purchase on Cydia for 1.49$. It is the pro version of my free and discontinued widget WeeSearch, and has tons of additional features. Download it now

WeeSearch Pro lets you search the web directly from NotificationCenter. You can use the search feature of ANY website directly from NotificationCenter. It comes with 10 sites to choose from and you can even add your own search engines! WeeSearch Pro is fully customizable. The segment bar lets you swap from one site to another quickly and it is customizable in number and order of sites! You can also set your language for websites. Another big feature is that you can choose whether the search results should be displayed in Safari, or in a mini browser that is part of the widget. The last big feature is the ability to set the widget into slim mode, where it takes up just a tiny space! Share this+follow me on twitter and donate if you like it!
    Feature recap:
  • Most popular search engines + custom search engines
  • Segment bar customization
  • Language and TLD
  • Safari or Mini browser
  • Clear text field when search ing
  • Slim View or Normal View
  • + much more!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alpha release: WeeKillBackground v1.0

First public alpha release after 5 beta versions. It now is quite a lot faster and now also removes the apps from the app switcher! Get it for free from Cydia!