Activation issues:

Q. I can't activate ProTube/Bridge, it says that I have a cracked version, but I purchased it!
A. You need a stable internet connection. Try resetting your network settings and make sure that you are activating the app from the device where you purchased it on. Modified UDIDs cant be activated


Q. There is a bug in ProTube, can you please fix it?
A. Make sure that you have the latest version of ProTube. All bugs will be fixed if they exist inside the app; Some bugs can be caused by other tweaks, in this case that issue can only be fixed by removing the tweak that causes issues with ProTube.

Q. ProTube doesn't look like it does on the Screenshots, how can I make it look normal?
A. Make sure that you are not using a tweak like 'Fake User Agent', also clear your browsing files by Navigating to the 'Safari' panel in the Settings app and selecting 'Clear Cookies and Data'.

Q. I donated for Unfold but the Donation alert still shows up once in a while, what can I do to not make it appear again?
A. Thank you very much for your donation. Unfortunately there is no way to check if someone has donated or not, so the alert will even show up when you have donated. Please ignore the alert when it pops up.

Q. WeeSearch Pro crashes my SpringBoard and the Settings app
A. Delete the folder /var/mobile/Documents and then create it again. That will fix the issue
Q. I downloaded/purchased one of your Notification Center widgets, however it won't appear in my Notification Center, what can I do?
A. In order to make it appear you need to enable it: 1. Open the 'Settings' app 2. Navigate to the 'Notifications' panel 3. Locate the widget and drag into the 'In Notification Center' section. After that the widget will show up in your Notification Center