Saturday, July 23, 2011

First App Store App: Canada Taxes & Tip Calculator

My First ever App is now available on the App Store for FREE!! As said in the Title it is a Taxes and Tip Calculator for Canada. 
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Here is the App description as in the App Store:

This app calculates taxes and optionally tip for anything you want to purchase in Canada. Every province has a different tax rate, and final prices can be a lot higher that the listed prices. To avoid big surprises and empty wallets, you can easily calculate the final price of a product or a meal that you want to purchase. Canada Taxes & Tip Calculator makes this very easy, by providing a very friendly user interface and a fast accessibility, so that you dont lose any time!

The app has many features including:
✔ Tax calculation
✔ Tip calculation
✔ Possibility to set own tip percentage
✔ Multitasking support
✔ Retina display support
✔ iPad support
✔ Custom keyboard for extremely fast and easy usage.
✔ Get more features by upgrading to the pro version, more information is below.

Why should you download THIS app and not any other tax app?
• It's free.
• It is ALWAYS up to date. As soon as the tax rate changes in a province the app will be updated!
• Most friendly user interface. This app is the easyest to use and best looking tax app available!
• Most features. This app has by far the most features, including optional tip calculation, advanced currency conversion, custom tax-keyboard, quick calculation bar for super fast calculatuions and more.
• Always new content.we are testing the app in real life and we always find ways to make it better; there are constatntly big updates coming that will give you many additional features!


Additional features of the Pro Version:
✔ Quick calculation bar
✔ Currency conversion with frequently updated exchange rates
✔ Calculation for every province in Canada
✔ No Ads!

Calculation window features:
๏ Entered subtotal
๏ Amount of taxes that gets added to the subtotal
๏ Total price with taxes
๏ Tax percentage
๏ Tip percentage
๏ Amount of tip that gets added to the subtotal+taxes
๏ Total price with taxes and tip
๏ And even more!

Supports the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Minimum OS: iOS 4.0
And Screenshots:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Theme: iOS 5 SBSettings

New Theme! This is my favorite of all of my Themes so far. It comes with over 55 toggles, and has an iOS 5 look. I got inspired by the new Notification Center in iOS 5 and with this Theme your SBSettings window will look like a pre installed feature by apple, no matter what version of iOS you have! The theme is available at Cydia for 0.99$ and also contains blank PSD files. Jump to theme is Cydia
Here are some Screenshots: